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All Shooters 3 for £5 or £2 Each  B52                          JAMMY DODGER

                                  Coffee Liqueur, Irish Cream  Nut Liqueur, Strawberry
                                  and Triple Sec               Liqueur and Bon Bon Syrup

                                  BABY GUINNESS                BLACK JACK

                                  Coffee Liqueur, Irish Cream  Whiskey and Black Sambuca

                                  FLAT LINER                   BRAIN HAEMORRHAGE

                                  White Sambuca, Tequilla      Peach Schnapps, Irish Cream
                                  and Tabasco Sauce            and Grenadine

                                  BLOW JOB                     HMM POP

                                  Amaretto, Irish Cream        Vodka, Strawberry Liqueur
                                  and Cream                    and Popping Candy

All Bombs 4 for £10               Honey bomb                   Fire bomb
  or £3 each                      Skittle bomb                 Jager bomb
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